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To stay updated with the current world health news and updates, I try to read the health-related news daily. This post is nothing but an effort to share a few news and updates with people of the hive platform. Hope that it will be helpful to some extent.

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World Hepatitis Day: 28th of July

Today, the 28th of July, the world is observing world hepatitis day. This year the theme is “Hepatitis can’t wait”. Did you know that amid a corona pandemic, a person is dying every 30 seconds due to a hepatitis-related illness? That’s why hepatitis can’t wait although we are busy tackling the other virus. A correct theme for the day, isn't it?

28th July is celebrated as world hepatitis day to commemorate the birthday of the scientist and Nobel laureate named Dr Baruch Blumberg. He discovered the hepatitis B virus. Not only that, but he also discovered the diagnostic test for it and a vaccine against it.

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Hepatitis is a condition of the liver where an agent or organism causes inflammation leading to various signs and symptoms. The most common organisms are the hepatitis virus known as hepatitis A, B, C, D and E viruses. However, there are other causes of hepatitis as well.

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COVID19 vaccines for the children under 12 years of age

Clinical trials for evaluating the efficacy of COVID19 vaccines are going on among children aged 6 months to 12 years. The POTUS Joe Biden is expecting that this age group would be eligible for the vaccine soon. Although CDC guidelines mentioned that there is no need for fully vaccinated students to wear masks in the classroom, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends wearing the masks.

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Source: Medscape

Breakthrough cases are on the rise: Credits go to Delta variants!

Breakthrough cases are those cases of COVID19 who are fully vaccinated. The number of breakthrough cases was negligible before the arrival of the Delta variants, which is so far the most virulent variant of the coronavirus.

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Despite getting the virus, the fully vaccinated people are in a better position than the unvaccinated group. The infection rate, the severity of the illness, the necessity of getting admission in the hospitals and death rates are much lower than the unvaccinated group. However, the delta variants are successful in breaking through the projection gained by the vaccines! The viral load for the delta variants is 1000 times higher than the previous variants in an infected individual. This is the cause for the rapid spread of the virus as well as breaking through the protection among the vaccinated group.

For more: WebMD

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