From childhood trauma to adulthood neurological disorders

We forget some trauma in our life easily which has not much impact. But, some trauma may have a long-lasting impact on us. Even sometimes we fail to connect an outcome to a previously occurred trauma. There are some adult neurological disorders that are the effect of some childhood trauma that may have been forgotten already. A small but intriguing study tells us that.

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Here we will find one term called ACE. ACE standards for adverse childhood experience. It may include any kind of adverse experience during childhood such as abuse, violence, neglect, food insecurity and living with a family member having a psychiatric disorder. The study shows that the adults who suffer from such and such neurological disorders, e.g. epilepsy, headache, anxiety, depressions and other neurological disorders had higher ACEs than the general population.

An ACE may harm in two ways; indirect and direct. A child who experiences an adverse incident often engages in drug addiction, smoking or another kind of substance misuse. These lead to brain damage in the long run. It is an indirect way. In a direct way, it is believed that ACEs may increase inflammation in the brain and lead to some epigenetic changes to the brain structures. That results in the development of some neurological disorders in the latter part of their lives.

This is an important message for the parents or the elder members of a family. To ensure disorder-free adulthood for our kids, we must not put them in an adverse situation.

[From Medscape]

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