My Second Memoir Coming This year


I've been a bit silent here on hive the last few weeks as I've been crushing it on new projects which I'm excited to start sharing with you all!

One of those projects being my own Memoir which will be releasing this year!

You can read my first book I published Here > Gubba: Confessions of an American Streamer

and my Graphic Novel series here > Frankie Ravens

If you would like to be notified when I release my memoir please join the list here: GubbaTV Author Page

Here's a excerpt from the book:

Watching a cooking stream is like engaging a story: it unfolds before your eyes as you bake the ingredients, and then you view the ending for the first time ever—good or bad, depending on the recipe and skill of the chef. A clean kitchen is also important to making a successful cooking stream.

Many streamers don’t get that and they let pets roam in the background.

Watching a cat walk on counters over food or someone slurping their fingers after dipping them in the batter is gross and unappealing. Being interactive and allowing Chat to participate in the cooking story makes it challenging and fun for viewers: they can remind me of timers going off, or I can ask them how many tablespoons are in a cup, or they can tell me smoke is coming from the oven behind me!

After I streamed cooking for a month, Twitch called me and said, “Hey Gubba, we really enjoy your cooking streams, and we are hosting a big cooking event on the Front Page tomorrow. We’d like to feature you. Can you do a cooking stream for the duration of our event, plan something awesome and unique.”

With only about 100 concurrent viewers on my stream, I was elated. Any exposure on the front page of Twitch can translate into 3,000 to 10,000 simultaneous viewers for that event, and some might become subscribers.

I was ready for my front page screen time—to be seen by THOUSANDS of people tuning in worldwide! I was so excited that I prepared an epic 12-hour, baking stream event. I thought the idea of cooking and baking for 12 hours was unique.

Get notified when I release my memoir by joining the list here: GubbaTV Memoir

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