Dubai Miracle Garden | Vlog no. 8 (Travel)

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This is a bit throwback when I explore the World’s biggest Garden that is in Dubai with my fiancée. As far as I remember It was the end month of the year and a cold season which is a perfect time to roam around. This is one of the top lists you would like to visit when you travel there. Aside from being famous, it has tremendous design. Can you imagine 7.2 hectares are fully covered with varieties of real flowers? It has its own opening schedule only. Most likely from the month of December to the third month of the beginning of the year because flowers cannot survive during the hot season. That is why every year they are changing the theme. For instance, a year ago they had Disney characters but during my visit, it was a giant teddy bear. There are many sections to look for and I think 2-hour spending there is not enough. You just must make sure you will fully give your time and attention to enjoying the place because it is really a great moment to keep for.

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By the time I entered the gate, I am really impressed by what I saw. I cannot decide which way I should go first. There were many people lined up, but it is not enough to make the place crowded since it is a big open space. You do not have to worry if you feel hungry because there are many food stalls and the prices are affordable. You will have fun too since most of the vendors are our “Kababayan” or co-Filipino.
If you wish to explore more, you can visit the Dubai Butterfly Garden which is opposite to the Miracle Garden. It is a sanctuary of different kinds of butterflies.

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