Traditional Filipino Homemade Lumpia | Vlog no. 10

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I will be nostalgic at this time. I could still recall how difficult life was during my childhood days. Since my parents are local producers of vegetables, so it is usually in my day to day living eating veggies all the time. It is like no escape from eating those. Every time I tried eating meat it is more than what a birthday celebration is.

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Homemade Lumpia

We Filipinos are festive when it comes to food preparation. There are dishes we more likely to set on the table. One of these is “Lumpia”. It is a common food during an occasion such as birthday gathering, fiestas, and other special events. Because of the creativity of Filipinos, there are many versions of lumpia they can make but tonight I am going to show the simplest way how to cook Lumpia.

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In the streets here in Cebu City, we have these popular mini food stalls which we called “Pungko-Pungko” which means eating through squat and sitting on low benches. Vendors sell fried food and guess what? Lumpia is present. This is a good start for those business-minded because it is a low budget food. Now let us go to another side of life, eating lumpia is a hunger saver. Why? We can buy it at a cheaper cost. Just 2 pieces of lumpia can totally a good viand for your meal.

Try to imagine in one single pack there are 50 pieces of wrappers then how many members of the family can be feed? I would like to suggest also that you can try any kinds of fillings for your lumpia like tofu, green beans, tuna sardines, etc. if it will satisfy you. Thanks for watching it. I cannot wait to see your own kind version of Lumpia.

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