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@Gandhibaba Hive Flash Fiction Contest #1 - 30 Hive Reward Pool + Massive Upvotes From ProjectHope

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Hello everyone, welcome to the first edition of the @Gandhibaba Hive Flash Fiction Contest. I am organizing this contest because of the growing need to promote short fiction on the Hive blockchain.

What is a Flash Fiction?

Flash fiction is an extremely short fictional work. An average flash fiction can be read in three minutes.

This Week'sContest:

In not more than 100 words, write a flash fiction on the topic, "Escaped".

Contest Rules and Submission Guidelines

  • All entries MUST be posted as a comment to this post. However, participants may share their work elsewhere.
  • Although highly appreciated, upvote and resteems are optional.
  • Only ONE entry per user is allowed.
  • Only original works will be considered. No plagiarism.
  • Only Contestants who strictly follow the rules will have their submissions acknowledged and consequently considered.
  • Entries will close by the payout of this post after which results will be announced in a few days.


  • The top three entries will get 10 Hive each while @project.hope will give random upvotes to 5 entries with voting power worth about 200k HP. I am open to cheerful donations to further support this contest.

Judges and the Criteria

  • Entries will be selected based on the following key criteria:
  • Writing quality/style
  • Content/interest-level
  • Plot development
  • Re-readability

Special Appreciation

My special appreciation goes to @Majes.tytyty for accepting the call to be the Chief judge of this contest and for devising the metrics for judging the contest. My appreciation also goes to @Crypto.piotr for accepting the call to support this contest with upvotes. Lastly, I am grateful to @therealwolf who, out of sheer altruism, continues to support my work on this blockchain. And to all the participants of this contest.

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