Wind Storm and Cookies - Wednesday

Overnight the winds picked up after the rains stopped. Sometime before dawn the big gusts hit and the house got pelted with tree debris from above that hit the metal roof and made quite the racket. Once the sun started to come up I could see teh surprisingly few branches that had fallen around the farm and I could see the level of the creek. All the rain and warm temps overnight had risen the level in the tunnel by over 6 inches.


While the wind kept blowing all morning I spent much of the day inside. At some point in the mid day the power went out for about half an hour when some big wind gusts happened. I had the freeze dryer running the 21st batch and when the power came back on it started right back up and kept the cycle going.

With our new mylar bags I was able to bag up some of the raw pumpkin pieces into 2 gallon bags and sealed them with absorbers.


Since I have a huge amount of pureed pumpkin and we have a bunch of pounds of rolled oats I found a recipe for pumpkin oatmeal cookies online and set about making them. It used up a couple cups of the puree and I added walnuts, zante currant raisins, and mini chocolate chips. The batch made right on 8 dozen.




For dinner I found a recipe for using pumpkin as pasta sauce. The recipe called for using Italian sausage but I used ground beef instead. I made a full batch of the pasta so that we have leftovers that I can put through the freeze dryer once the current run is done.

NHL is back with a shortened season and the games are starting out really high scoring. We'll see how long through the season we watch.

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