Two Out Of Three Products Inside This Big Package Disappointing Me, Which One Is It?


Hello dear,
I will share about whats inside this big package from Zalora.
Its a really big package.
Zalora actually shipping their product pretty fast, only three days to come.
I always love to buy from Zalora because all their products are original so its kinda similar with buying from a mall.
But, it doesnt mean that all of their product is good or in high quality tho.
There’re many brands that just sell some cheap qualities product.
So, lets try to see what we got here.
And, actually this is the first time that i ever buy something from these brands that i got here.



This is a shoulder bag from Lolini and i really disappointed with it.
Dont get me wrong, from the outside its looks pretty cute.
But when we touch it, we can really feel the very low grade and cheap fake leather material.
Now, in fine with fake or synthetic leather because they have many brands now that have a really great and high quality one.
I personally would love to wear this bag only if i want to take a photo with it but i will never bring it outside to everywhere with me.
Because i know i have many other better quality one.
I choose this one because it have this croco pattern that i really love and really want.
I have many bags but not one have bag with croco pattern.
So, when i saw it, i put on my bag immediately.
And in the end, i check it out.
But I understand that the price is cheap like 10 dollar so it’s understandable for the cheap quality.
But i know for sure if i want this kind of bag for cheap price i can get it from online shop that shipped from china or something and mostly they cost 2 to 3 usd for this bag.



At first, in the picture I thought that this bag is very cute.
I thought its very cute because of the batik pattern.
And mostly my bag are in no pattern, so i thought that i should get myself a bag with a pattern.
In the picture it looks so cute.
But, in real life...
Well, the picture is the exactly the same with the real product, but the quality is so bad that i cringe when i opened them.
Its even worse than the first bag.
Especially, in the inside if the bag.
They really use such harsh and stiff fabric in the inside and its just so cheap looking.
And i dont even want to take a picture with it.
I was shocked to see it.
I pair 12 usd for this bag which is more expensive than the first bag.
But i know the quality is even worse.
And for this bag, i bet i can get this tyoe of bag for 1 usd in china store.




This is the only shoes in the package and the last product that i bought.
Its pretty right?
This is only the product that doesn’t disappoint me here.
Its looks nice, it feels nice too.
The price of this shoes is 20 usd which is pretty cheap for a shoe but the quality is ok.
So i think this one is a good catch, thankfully the whole package aint disappointing me.

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