Today Steps Report Of Me, This Is The Best In The Past Two Weeks.


Hi dear...
In this post, i wanna share my daily walking report.
Sadly, even though its been such a long time since the last time j walk, i still didn’t walk enough for today.

First of all, in the past two week there’s badminton matches that i just cant skip no matter what (well, except if im not interested in the player or if i really need to go somewhere).
Since the matches started in the morning to the night time, and the time i went out for walk usually in the evening, of course the time cant be matched.
The next problem are, its basically always raining, almost every evening.
So its impossible to walk in the rainy days.
Well you might wanna ask, then why dont you walk in the early morning? Like 6 am or something?
The reason i cant is because i sleep start from 5 am usually.
So its literally my sleeping time.
I know its bad...
Thats why i forced myself to walk a little bit today so i hope that i will get a lil bit tired and have a nice early sleep tonight.

My Outfit


I used a fake Givenchy sweatshirt that im 100% not proud of wearing, but i got this before i even know Givenchy is a high end brand.
And in my defense, i got this as a hands down from my cousin.
I use a training pants from H&M.
I use a shoe from The North Face which by the way, my most favorite shoes to wear for the long walk ever because its so comfortable.
I use the cap from Reebok.
Last one, i use socks from Nike.


My destination for today is nothing.
I just want to walk around in my area and see where my steps take me.
But as expected, in the end i went to the minimart near my area.
And i ended up spending money on snacks 🤣😭😢
Im so sad because i cant resist to snacking.
Dont even know whats the point of my walking if i kept snacking.


The weather today is really really really nice.
Its not hot and nog cold either.
Its a perfect weather to have our walk.
I wish that this raining season can pass away as soon as possible because its just bring so many tragedy to our country, and it just kept me im my tow whenever there’s a heavy rain.


The total of steps that i had today is 4888 steps.
And its still less than the minimum 6000 steps a day goal.
But hey, at least i did something compared to the past two weeks.