Accompanying My Friend To Buy Perfume For Her Brother, What Do You Think About Buying Non Original Perfume?


Hello dear…
Here i want to share about my experience went to buy perfume in refill perfume store.
In the morning, my friend sent a text to me asking if i have any plan that day.
I only have plan to watch Indonesian’ badminton athletes in Olympic tournaments and all the athletes will only play in the morning.
So, basically i am free in the day time to the evening.
I asked her where she wants to go and she need to go to many place as her brother’s order but one of them is here, to go to buy perfumes for him.
The name if the perfume store is El Perfume, its located pretty far from my house.
My friend’s picked me up at 1 pm and we went there by map.
It took us 25 minutes to reach the store because if the restriction in the road lately.
When i arrived in the store, i like to see the vibe if the store because it have such a dark old school vibe.
Its a vibe that we rarely can see in the refill perfume stores like this.


Truth to be told, i don’t remember the last time i buy something from refill perfume stores.
Before, especially when i was younger, other than because i dont understand that its actually not an original perfume, i dont even have the money to buy the original one even if I understand that.
So, are there people like me that thought perfume refill is just the same and its perfume too?


If you asked me now, i cant stand refill perfume.
Now i understand why the original perfume can be so expensive.
Though in a one sniff the scent of the refill perfume and the original one can be similar, its actually really different if we can tell the difference.
The original one have layer of the scents as its build based on top notes, middle (heart) notes, and base notes.
For the refill perfume, strangely, they only have one scents and we cant smell any other notes in there.
Well, my tip for people that like to use refill perfume, you can layered the scents with put 4 to 5 different perfume at the same time.
But i still think its not an ideal choice and better just buy an original perfume even if its the cheap one.


The worker of the store is really lovely and she just put us in a good mood talking to her.
We spent 1 hour in there to choose perfume and just chat with her.
I really like the worker and i think that people that work in service area should do their job like her.
Always pleasant to talk to and even if we both using mask, i can tell that she smiles a lot.


They have quite wide variety of perfume.
We can almost find anything in here.
Though when i asked about the perfume that i usually use, sadly they dont have it in here.
I think because its not as popular as chanel or dior or other big brand.


This is when she gave us some sample to sniff.
In the end, my friend’s brother bought:

  • Ralph Lauren Polo 2 pcs in the size 50 ml for 85.000 idr / bottle
  • Bulgari Aqua 2 pcs in the size 50 ml for 75.000 idr / bottle




This is when the worker made the perfume.
The ratio that they use is 40% the base and 60% the alcohol.
They said that its their standard ratio.


Dont forget to keep wearing the mask even when buying perfume guys!

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