Hosting faculty of management at our Lounge

It was a beautiful day and we were to host the graduant of faculty management science of university of ilorin and we had series of meeting to prepare for them.

The d- day came and we have prepare for everything from our end and we are expecting them to come and nornally the program suppose to start by 6pm but we didnt see them by that time not until 9pm we have already lose hope that they will come. After a while they started coming forth some came with coastal bus and some came with their car.

And the party started with the graduant on floor with the hitman and the DJ and we really shot down the whole place. The guys really had fun and even people who came to have fun at our lounge join them in the lounge because the music is too sweet not to dance to it.

At a point we left inside the lounge and came out but the people said we shouldnt stop the music that we should continue because they are enjoying the music meanwhile the AC inside couldnt hold them so they came out and we continue the party which started for hours and we stopped around 2am and did selling alot talking about foods such as rice , seafoods and the likes and also the drinks both prenium and beers.

They really had great fun

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