Comic Review: "Detektif Conan The Movie Comics Edition - The Last Wizard of The Century Volume 1"


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This time I want to share about a comic I read. I want to review the comic.

Do you like reading comics? If so, what comics do you read?

The comic that I want to review is titled Detektif Conan The Movie Comics Edition - The Last Wizard of The Century Volume 1.

Detektif Conan is the most successful and famous mystery (detective) manga. Tells the story of a high school detective named Shinichi Kudo, whose body shrunk due to being drunk by a member of an evil organization. He lived his life as an elementary school student, he made a new name for himself, namely Conan Edogawa, living at the house of his best friend, Ran Mouri, who is the daughter of detective Kogoro Mouri. Kogoro Mouri became a famous detective because Conan always solved difficult cases by making Kogoro sleep and imitating his voice with a tool, so it was as if Kogoro was the one who solved the cases.


About the comic:

Original Story: Aoyama Gosho
Art: Abe Yutaka, Maru Denjiro

(Original Japanese Edition)
Title: Meitantei Conan Seikimatsu no Majutsushi 1

(Indonesian Edition)
Title: Detektif Conan The Movie Comics Edition - The Last Wizard of The Century Volume 1
Publisher: PT Elex Media Komputindo
Year of publication: 2020
Translator: Dian I. N
Editor: Fitri Annisa
Printed by PT Gramedia Printing
Java Price: IDR 40,000

This is the front cover of the comic:


This is the back cover of the comic:



From the front cover of this comic, we know that this comic tells about the crime of Kid the Thief, because the front cover features a picture of Conan and Kid the Thief.

This comic consists of 4 files. The print quality of this comic is very good.


Kid the Thief sends a notification that he will be after the "Imperial Egg", a treasure from the Romanov Dynasty, which is on display at the Osaka Art Gallery. Together with Heiji Hattori, Conan was challenged to solve the meaning of the notification of the Kid's crime!


The art/illustrations by Abe Yutaka and Maru Denjiro are great, but I prefer the art/illustrations by Aoyama Gosho, the creator of Detektif Conan.


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All pictures were taken with Samsung Galaxy M20.

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