#Hivecommets - My experience and thought on it

There is an encouraging post from @theycallmedan and he has appealed to every hive owners that to be busy with other authors by means a valuable comment on author's post, blog or Vlog hence today i am going to share my experience regarding commenting on others post and what i have gained or experienced other things too. Before writing my own story i would like add something more here..


We have three most popular words these days in hive blockchain and those are Engagement, Interaction and Comment and all have only one motto to be busy in hive blockchain in a proper way. Lets see the meaning of three popular words in English one by one..
Busy in doing something is known as engagement if there is no marriage purpose then and we should be busy in creating post and commenting on others post if have spare times to do everyday.

To communicate with or react to each other, according the meaning of interaction we can communicate to each other regarding the post by commenting.

Express your opinion either against a speech or writing, We have multiple posts from different different authors on different different topic and have chance to keep our opinion on that too.

There are three words but meaning and indication is same from all such as @theycallmedan, @abh12345 or others too.

My experience on Comment
In my early days of blockchain journey with last platform three years ago was like as learning stage hence i was trying to be engage with all formats such as reading post, creating posts, commenting on other's post, relogging and upvoting. After passing two months i saw the benefits that my followers are growing day by day and that time i was collecting good rewards from comment posts too and it was by @good-karma and eSteemapp trail and from the post authors as well, however i was not getting upovtes on all comments but i was getting rewards on all valuable comments always.
I confess that i am not engaging myself in commenting these days because i am too much busy however two three comments i write everyday. However i will try to extend it from today only as much as i can.

My appeal to all
As i had written already that to make a comment habit in other's post is good for all such as hive, the authors and the user who is commenting, hence i would like to appeal to all whales, dolphin and minnows that please do the same along with curating process. It is good that whales are encouraging new or old users giving big rewards but they should also write a comment that why they are rewarding with big value of upvotes? I know that whales read the post first then curate if they find something good on it. Leaders should comment on minnows or dolphins post always so that when minnow will become dolphin or whale he or she can continue this process with new minnows. If a minnow find appreciation comment from the whales or seniors then he/she becomes more happy than a big vote because he or she thinks that my post has something good hence the senior has commented.

I expect as much as comment on this post.


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