Mix Juice: Fresh Water Apple and Papaya

Water apple is a fruit plant that is easily available and consumed by the family. This fruit contains nutrients that are very good for the health of the body.


Taiwan getting summer, during the day it is best to drink fresh fruit juice to refresh the throat, increase vitamins and stamina, and avoid dehydration. It just so happened that it was rose apple season, so I decided to make rose apple, papaya and apple juice this afternoon.

The material is very easy to get, the manufacture also does not require time. You only need to prepare fruit, blender, water and ice cubes. Come on, join my fun making rose apple , apple and papaya juice.


My fresh fruits to make juice

Materials needed

• 5 grams of rose apple
• 6 grams of apples
• 5 grams of papaya
• 5 packs of ice cubes
• 150 ml of water


All fruits clean up and cut square


Step 1: cut all fruits into square


Step 2: Blended it


Step 3: Pour into glass and ready to served

Serving method

• A type of fruit is washed clean, then cut into cubes
• Put in a blender cup
• Add water
• Then Blender
• Fruit juice ready to serve


The sweet and fresh taste of rose apple is often served in the form of fruit salad . Water apple is a fruit plant that is easily available and consumed by the family. This fruit contains nutrients that are very good for the health of the body. The benefits are:

• Helps control diabetes
• Facilitate defecation
• Maintain heart and blood vessel health
• Lowering bad cholesterol levels
• Fight free radicals
• Improve facial skin health
• Maintain healthy teeth and bones
• Maintain nerve function

Water apple is a perishable fruit, so you must eat or juice it immediately when the fruit is ripe. By serving in the form of juice, you can consume it in large quantities, thus adding to the benefits and vitamins in the body.



Consuming fruit is very good for someone who is on a diet program, drinking juice keeps the stomach full, so we don't need to snack (feel hungry quickly). For me, consuming juice is the right alternative to do during the day in the summer. It's fresh, resists thirst and also keeps the stomach full.

That's all my recipe about #JuiceRoseApple. I am very happy to be able to share my recipe, photography, and my life as an Indonesian in Taiwan. See you in the next post. May we all always be given health and prosperity always.

Best Regards

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