A Short Visit at Bohol Bee Farm and Hinagdanan Cave in Bohol, Philippines

What a wonderful feeling it is to end the trip with mouthwatering food and a great view.


Last November 2021, we had a 3-day trip to Bohol, Philippines together with my friends. On the last day of our trip, before we headed home, we visited the Bohol Bee Farm and Hinagdanan Cave to make our trip a spectacular one.

We first headed to Bohol Bee Farm wherein we arrived there around 3:30 in the afternoon. I could say that the place was so relaxing; a lot of trees and plants everywhere and the air was so refreshing. I even hope of staying there for long, but we need to hurry up in that place since we still need to go to our next stop and finally go to the pier as our schedule for departure is 8 in the evening.


Welcome to Bohol Bee Farm! Unfortunately, we haven't seen bees around the area and we never got to explore further since the time was pretty hectic.

As we were walking toward the restaurant on the farm, I enjoyed looking at the nature that surrounded me. After a fun and exciting day exploring the islands in Bohol, it's a wonderful feeling to be around a calming place. I was a bit sleepy at that time as well and all I could feel was I was still swimming in the sea; I know it's weird but I guess my body wasn't able to move on from our island hoping that time.



Once we arrived at the restaurant, we ordered food. We only ordered food that was prepared easily so that we will not be able to consume our time longer in the place. We ordered Sisig, Rice, Pizza, Burger, and more wherein I wasn't able to take photos with.

When the food arrived, we were so excited to eat since we were so hungry at that time. It seemed like our tummies were waiting for this moment when we can eat a lot. We never got to eat a lot during our lunchtime though since we were busy exploring the sea.

Here are some of their mouthwatering food:






I could say that their food was so tasty; it's one of the best food that I get to taste. The flavors were just right and a lot of things that I have in mind which eventually made me feel speechless. But overall, their food was so delicious. If given a chance to visit Bohol again, I will surely visit Bohol Bee Farm again as well since there was still a lot of food that I wasn't able to try. I believe that their other food tasted so yummy also.

After eating, I drink some wine and look at the view outside. The sun was shining and was about to set. I also love staring at the calm sea. The ambiance at that time was so relaxing and I enjoyed feeling that moment. It has given my heart a sense of peace or should I say serenity. What a wonderful feeling it was to be there; great food and a heartwarming view. Who wouldn't love that right?




As we decided to go back to the van, I went to the comfort room first. As I entered the comfort room, decorations caught my attention. I have learned to read a lot of meaningful words from it. It's not just a wonderful design in nature, but it holds great quotes that I love. I even took a photo of myself in their mirror. My face looked so tired that time.






When I was done, I went to the van and there we headed to our next stop which was in Hinagdanan Cave. Honestly, we were not supposed to be allowed to enter the cave because it was already 5 in the afternoon and they were already closed. But since the people around there were so kind, and knowing that we were from a far place they allowed us to go, but we need to hurry. We were so thankful to those kind people who accommodated us.


So we went inside. We went down to the cave. I could say that the entrance was a bit scary because of the small area, but it was all worth it when you finally reached the inside of the cave.


To be honest, it was my first time going inside a cave. I have been to some caves before but I never dared to check the inside because I was scared. But this time, all I could say was the inside of the cave was so wonderful and the water inside looked so refreshing. The tour guide told us that we can even swim in the waters, but since they were closed at that time, no more swimming during those hours. But it's fine though as we can't swim as well since we are in a hurry as well.

Here are some of the photos inside the cave:







Visiting the cave is so magical. Although I was scared that there were bats that will fly toward me, but then the overall experience was superb. I also loved our tour guide at that time, he has a great sense of humor. We even tipped him big because we loved how he accommodated us.

After visiting the Hinagdanan cave, we then headed towards the pier and bought some "pasalubong" or things/food around the area for my family. I bought Calamay which is our favorite and even Peanut Kisses. I also bought souvenir items such as ref magnets and keychains for my cousins.

Our visit to Bohol Bee Farm and Hinagdanan Cave may be for a short period only, but did enjoy our moments in those places. As of the moment, my only hope is to visit Bohol one day and still add these places to my bucket list; truly remarkable.

Disclaimer: All photos are my own.

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