Hello Hive, I'm New Here- My Introduction to Hive Community

Hi everyone am new here am so happy to be in a place like this that changes life for the better. For you to be successful, you need to take a wise, careful, risky step to achieve it. Never give up on your self.
I must thank the entire team that created this life changing opportunity to make income ( the hive community), thank you very much..
I joined this platform to be able to make income and also give information about my work, give information that will take this platform to the next level, and you all know that it is difficult to find a good job in Nigeria and the rate of poverty in Nigeria is high. It is very difficult to feed during this pandemic. The rate of death has increased and not the virus killing them but hunger.
To be able open up a musical equipment and also, to be able to create employment for others like me. Am also here to share good quality post, meet others and learn from you all here.
Am OGHENEOCHUKO JONATHAN Bradley. Am from Delta State Nigeria, am the first son of my father. You know being a first son is a very difficult thing, everyone is looking up to you for help.
Am an ND holder in electrical electronics engineering. Also sound a technician. It has been difficult for me to start up a small scale business because of financial issues. And things has been very hard. But i believe, being here will help to shape my life for a better future.
A friend of mine introduced this to me today and he told me how hive have helped him to be successful. And i couldn't wait to be part of this platform.
My hobbies are playing of piano, electronics repairs, listening to gospel music, soccer, setting up live stage sounds, studying.5vg2bx.jpg
I will be dropping some of my work here for others to see and also learn from it. Also inform people about what is going on here for the world to be a better place to live. And also give rn4362.jpgmultivational quotes for people who want to give up on their dreams to help them to be strong 💪. There a lot of people like me who almost gave up on their dreams and some gave up became something else. Here are some pictures of my work 64qtkw.jpg
I will be greatfull if this platform changes my life for the better, i will give all my best to this platform and also introduce more people to be part of this wonderful family.
I want to acknowledge @hivebootcamphub for this wonderful opportunity to change lives, i say thank you very much, may God bless you all.

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