The journey ahead with all this insecurity


On Sunday afternoon I was at home when I heard some rounds being shot. Nigeria is so weird that you have to think of what time of the year you are in before you get scared when you hear a sound like that.

I don't want to be running into my toilet and hiding in a corner when it's only bangers and fireworks.

When I heard the sound I first thought of the time of the year before I took cover in my toilet. After some thought, I went back to switch off my lights all the while thinking "Oh shit, Oh shit".

I thought there was some sort of revolution about to start and now I would be caught in the middle of it. It wouldn't be long before someone would be breaking my door down to take whatever resource they could get from me and if they couldn't get anything..they would kill me to send a message to the others in the neighborhood...that they were not to be messed with.

10 minutes after the shooting everywhere was quiet and I could not hear the footsteps of people running to safety anymore and my room close to the road where everything went down could not sense vehicles anymore.

I heard cries from people not too far away after some time. I figure that's when she died.

I am not brave

Yesterday I saw someone trashing doctors on his status about the incidence and all I could do was read it and say nothing. Cause I am too chicken to confront a person who needed medical services and I could not provide and in that event someone died.

She was a medical physiotherapy student of the federal university and to say the truth, I think she could have been anyone. Me...or any bystander in broad daylight.

Rumour has it that she was videoing the event. I think the rumors are stupid cause she is dead...and she did not have to die. I can't believe someone would blame a corpse knowing it can't defend itself for its own death.

How does this make me feel?

Unsafe...I will stick to staying indoors most times...

Will I go for my morning cycling?

Will I stay indoors forever? Won't I still have to face the reality that the streets are unsafe?

I will just have to look left and right before I cross as I have always been taught to do.

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