Who should use the right to have veto? Any small group, community or nation can forbid decisions, but not the content of the decision in question!


So, the right to have veto means that the persons or the group in question can vote no instead or yes to a decision, and many people have the right to say and to write no instead of yes. So, veto is used in the United Nations, and in the Security Council, and any human is just the human nature as the human nature is, and that is also the way of being in any period of time for humanity forever and ever, and we are all here between our legs, and we have the right to be here many of us.

You know, decisions and organizations, and decision making, that is about making facts or fictions where we are from time to time, and many of us can write these statements, and which decisions that we have been convenient with, and decisions are made or word and statements, and we are going to some opinions and standpoints and viewpoints, instead of many other that we can think of. So, in life we should be friendly with each other, and we should love each other, and we shoul accept and respect many kinds of studies, and these are just about learning something about how to perceive and appreciate the situations that are coming from time to time. And people must have veto or not veto, and we are able and capable of working many places, and we also have the competence of doing that, and we should love the working efforts and the working manners, and we should appreciate each other regardless of which country we are coming from, and we have learned much of the same things in the schools in many places around the earth.

So, everyone is enjoying the life, and how we are as humans when coming from the human nature, and just to walk a bit forward and backward, that are big decisions today, because we cannot know for sure what is the best decision to take anywhere, when doing different kinds of decision making where we are from time to time, and every working place we are within is a choice, and some working tasks, and we are open for working with many issues and problems to the same and to the different times, and we are loving people, and the employees and employers we are meeting different places, and doing things with philosophy and with good intentions, and meaning something for the people, that are the best ways we can operate and work and live today.

Veto is coming from Latin, and it means «I forbid», and it is a special form of voting which has a delaying or a blocking effect for a decision within a given frame, and any veto can just prevent a decision, and it cannot change the content of this decision. In principle, there are two kinds or veto: Delaying or suspensive veto, and this is blocking a decision to a new voting can be carried out, and there is absolute veto, which is blocking a decision completely. A new voting is here not possible. Several countries have the right to use veto. And since 1992, Russia has been the frequent user of veto, and they are followed by the United States and China. France and the United Kingdom have not used the veto since 1989. In many cases, the veto right is used to prevent changes in the status quo, and people and communities and nations want to have the life just as they have had it to any time in history. The president of the United States, Joe Biden, has the right to use the veto today, and that means that he can forbid any decision with the enactment of being a new law, and therefore we can have the laws, the rules and the norms just as we like them, and they should be easy and effective to use, and they should be appreciated, and wanted among the populations, although we have all kinds of densities with the populations in any country doing such or such. And centralizations or decentralizations, these are just about finding causes, processes and effects, and all these things are about making and taking politics to any area and any part of the landscape where we are from time to time.

By veto we are meaning voting against something, and having the right to do that, and this can be done several places in the world, when there is a point and a reflection of doing that, and veto also means refuse to endorse and refuse to assent, and the meaning is that we cannot accept all kinds of decisions to the populations anywhere, and we are here as humans to help and to support each other, and for making the world to a better place to be, just as the day is today and tomorrow!

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Sverre Larsen

Kristiansand, Norway

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