The ski jumping from Halvor Egner Granerud and winning the competition, and not being shamed with the quality as the ass, and we cannot have the most badly ranked organizations!


There was too much air in the jump suit, and he was disqualified due to the reason of jumping too long with having too much air close to his body. And we cannot have all these badly ranked things, and we can travel around the world billions of times to all the time moments that we perceive, and the earth can be destroyed more than 10 000 times due to the nuclear weapons that we have. And research should be of best possible quality, and we cannot accept the messages that are badly, and we are all in the landscapes in different countries with or without river, and that is a name on the river, and much water that we can extract from the landscapes that we have there, and the landscapes are servicescapes, loyaltyscapes, and many more kinds of behavior, and people are using one year just to publish an article of 20 pages, and if we are effective we use one hour to print 3 pages, and hence we are using 7 hours to write such an article, and many people are using more time on it, and we should have the best results and the best performances that are possible, and we cannot accept that people are trying to destroy for us, and marketing and sales are not the highest ranked sciences of all that are possible in the world, and there are no Nobel Prize there, but it is nice to work within, and we should use our capacities and efforts just as we have them.

Life is about winning all competitions, and otherwise we must cooperate, and we cannot accept that people are making trouble for us, just to claim that they are better, when they are not in accordance with all the engagements and all the efforts that we have done before, and we cannot accept that the schools in England is the best in the world, and it is just to ask professor Michael E. Porter by Harvard Business School. And ask what you can do for your country, not what the country can do for you. And today, on Sunday 27 November, we should be pleased to perceive and to interview Halvor Egner Granerud, and he was best in the ski jumping, and he got the first place together with Stefan Kraft, and we must sometimes have competitions in the world, and we cannot accept that some people are doing bad actions with us, and the bodies are as they are, and there are differences with us when coming to education and research, and we should not be impressed with any school unless there are reasons for that.

You know, we can have whatever partners that are possible in the world, and you know sexual behavior is best and most sensible if there are two different genders being within a relation. And you know, Halvor, if you got the most badly ranked options in the world, you would react, and you are coming back when winning the competitions when there are competitions being out there in the world. And Halvor Egner Granerud from Norway has the possibility of winning many competitions with ski jumping, also in the German and Austrian ski jumping week, and we should have Norway on the top, and professor Michael E. Porter is just visiting professor Torger Reve in Oslo and the airport in Bergen, Flesland, and therefore the schools and the research and the environments should be best, and there are something stupid in the world and something sensible, and there are wrong and stupid perception about something, and we can write to the best results in the schools in the world, but it is a benefit, if there are support where one is from time to time.

You know, life is about using the competence, although some of it has been destroyed from some employees at NHH and at SNF in Bergen, and therefore we cannot be friends with anybody to any time, but we are looking in what they are writing and saying, and we can conclude that the schools in Norway at any levels are not the best ranked in the world, and that is also true with many organizations, and having the upper degrees in Bergen is making you do many types of tasks, and the children cannot do all the things that I am doing, but they can give us funny events and sensible things, and they can love us with doing many kinds of behavior and activities. So, the persons we have ever met are just the functions about how the body is, and we cannot ranked them to be most attractive in the world, and Halvor Egner Granerud needs the best persons around him. And he has a lovely girlfriend.

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Sverre Larsen

Kristiansand, Norway


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