Loving the sweet and clever ladies; The pleasant loving affair between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky!


You know, we should always have freedom in the life, and that is about sexuality and free love between us, and we can love whatever lady we are thinking and feeling for. And sexuality is free in the love, and that is also education and research, and love is about education, and finding the solutions in and out of things, and that should always be the solutions anywhere ever since.

You know, we should not have free love in the world, and we can love whatever lady coming from any country. And you know, the life is about what is between our legs, and extend it to the whole body, and research is about making things in cleverly ways, in systematic ways, and thinking and feeling love as the whole solution of anything.

We are humans to love each other, and this is how we are coming to the planet with our bodies, and therefore we should love the other gender in the ways that are written and told orally, and we can celebrate and sleep and work when it is possible, and sometimes we must be within the laws, the rules and the norms, and therefore there is freedom but not completely to all the thinking degrees that are possible, and there should not be completely forced situations either, and therefore we can drink alcohol when there are availabilities for that, and we can have sex when we need it, and this is always things that are inside our bodies. And we have innate qualities for sex in our bodies, and therefore we should love the people and the ladies we are wanting, and the loving affair between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky was pleasant, and we should not regulate sexual affairs with too many laws, rules and norms, and we should love the people that we want around us.

So, everyone is faced with sexuality in the life, and we must take these things seriously, and we must satisfy our needs in loving the ladies we are thinking about loving. And you know, the body we are having are coming from other biological mothers and fathers, and you know which body we are having is related to the systematic and chance encounters between the sperm and the eggs, and therefore we can love the other gender by using condoms or birth control pills and we can just do it in natural ways.

You know, when Bill Clinton was US President he said first that he did not have sex with that woman! And later on, he admitted the sexual affair, and that this lovely affair could hurt the foundation of the United States to all times. And we are doing whatever what we are thinking and feeling in the life, and we can do what we like, and nothing can destroy our opportunities, and we should use the ways the bodies that are working, and you know we are living in a modern society now, we are there in 2022, and you know, many people are just accepting the bodies and not thinking about how this body was made, and you know sometimes the face is strange in relation to the mother and the father, and sometimes we can see equal patterns in the face for the children when the mother and the father were as they were. And we should follow the prime minister and his messages about us, and we are loving all the people we are meeting, either these are domestic or foreign people, and we can love which lady we are wanting, and we are filling the content and the structure in our lives just as we think and can imagine.

So, there was fucking and cleaning among Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, and that are the ways that our bodies are functioning within and to. And we should appreciate the freedom, and that is related to all kinds of behavior, and we should take away the negative reactions about sexuality, and we understand the reactions, and we should love the ladies that we want, also with getting new partners, and having several partners, and that is how the life is today. And we are clever and better than many people taking these masters and doctorates, and we should love the life and nobody can deny what is happening within our bodies, and what we are desiring within the bodies that we are having. And we should have freedom with sexuality and drinking in addition to all kinds of behavior.

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Sverre Larsen

Kristiansand, Norway


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