A Walk Close To Home

Hi All! It's another Wednesday that I'm unable to go out. The weather calls for rain and storms most of the day. It's about 12:30 pm and the sun has come out but I don't have plans on going out now unless it is to walk around my yard once it dries up out there some. I did take a couple of walks though on Sunday around the house so I'll be showing some of those photos today.

The first walk around the house was very early. The sun was just coming up although you may not be able to tell in some of my photos. The second time I went out was just about an hour or so later after it got more light out.


This is a photo of the top of the tree, above, on the right once it started to get more light out.


The moon could still be seen in the sky so I snagged a photo of that!


One reason that I decided to walk around the property so early was to see if I could catch any of the Brood X Cicadas coming up out of the ground.


I didn't see any! I was right though in an earlier post where I mentioned that the birds would have a feast when they start to come up and I did, actually, see some birds right in that spot and on the fence. I'm sure they were looking for a meal but they flew off before I could get a photo. I did, however, see these birds flying over.


I saw some other birds also including this one way up high in a tree singing. The bird on the wire got startled by something and I caught a photo of it as it flew off.



The Tulips are done blooming now ...


... but the other plants were just beginning to bud and bloom ...



... and (of course) you know how these plants go or shall I say come and go! I guess, technically, so do the other ones just not so prolifically!



I thought it was going to be a cloudy day but as the day went on the clouds gave way to sunshine.


This is a Maple tree by the side of the porch. It is a gorgeous tree but it is way too close to the house. My husband is suppose to try to take it out and transplant it at his fathers house. I think he better do it soon too 'cause it's not gonna get any smaller that is for sure! I also noticed some Irises under it. They have never bloomed but I saw they had some on there this year. They weren't open yet and I didn't get a photo but this probably won't be my last walk around the house that I post so I'll make it a point to get a photo of them for later.



As most times, the outside cats joined me for my walks and waited patiently while I took my photos. They are so sweet! Anyway, that's it for now and thank you also for coming along with me on my Wednesday Walk that was close to home! 🙂


Thank you @tattoodjay for #wednesdaywalk!
All photos and text by me @deerjay. All rights reserved.