30-Day Challenge Weekly Inspiration Video : Vol 3

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30-Day Challenge Weekly Inspiration Video : Vol 3

Hello fans and friends of the buzz.

We hope your Friday is starting off powerful and you're ready for a great weekend! Over here at the office we are excited see all the new members joining our community and posting great content. Keep it up. :D

In this week's Friday video, we review the new "Threads" feature (on Next.D.Buzz soon to be on D.Buzz), we talk about the Monday challenge (i.e. - who would you ride an elevator with), and we check in on the progress contenders are having on the various 30 day challenges.

We read a really nice quote this week, however we cant find who said it so please excuse us if we can't source the author... but it goes like this.

People panic when their cell phones are about to run out of energy and they look for a charger... However when people's dreams are about to die they do not act same manner of urgency.

It's a good quote to remind us get out there and keep searching for those things that give our dreams the energy they need to become real and succeed. We believe you can achieve anything you want, just have to have tenacity keep with it and stay strong.

  • What are you most proud about this week?
  • What goals did you meet and exceed and how you do want to better next week?

Thanks for being with us on this journey, let us know how we can help you become your best!

As always, much respect

links to various challenges

-30 day challenge level I : /@dbuzz/30-day-challenge-by-dbuzz

Link to our Monday challenge

Also every Monday we release a special "Monday Challenge" that you can win 15 $HIVE, just by making a buzz about a specific topic and letting us know!

Get Pumped up!!

We want to keep you inspired and motivated, post exciting content and engaging in the community. If you have other ideas for challenges or games let us know down below in the comments or reach out to us on discord. We want to hear from you!

Thanks for being part of our community and stay tuned tomorrow for the weekly, on the spot, spot on program summary!


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