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Hello Dears!

I don't know if many of you have read about my recent project, the launch of a service focused on the creation of graphics and logos - Digitall - which I have not yet given official start. In recent days, I came across an initiative of a crypto company included in the Defi. This company has launched a graphic contest, placing as a prize a consideration paid in its token. Their site is very particular, I can't even tell you if it's a scam or not because so far I haven't had any experience about it. But I decided to get involved and - why not? - try to create a logo.



First of all I tried to put on paper the outlines of an object that distinguishes their site today, a common tractor. They use it both as an icon and as a central graphic theme in the visual experience that their platform offers. I drew the outlines of two wheels, the lines on which I should have gone to separate the shapes and a few other little things. At this point I took a picture of the sheet and I brought the image to the graphics software I use - a very common and open-source Inkscape - to recreate the tractor in digital format.

After creating a full version tractor, I created a slimmer one, where contours prevail at the expense of filled figures. And here, step 1 finished.


The second step was to work on the writing, the so-called Logotype. I did not use fonts, also in this case I had the idea of ​​creating the entire graphics independently, first tracing the lines of the characters on paper and recreating them on the PC a little later.


The image shows an interlude of the work, obtained through a screenshot. For the creation of the individual characters I wanted to create an asymmetry between the upper and lower halves of the letters, inserting the so-called horizontal rods further down, in particular respecting - in a very approximate way - the famous golden ratio, the proportion 1: 1.618. I did not respect this proportion to the thousandth by proceeding with the work but it was useful in the initial phase.



Once both pictograms and logos were created, I started assembling them trying to get the best visual result. Secondly, I moved on to colors: the first creations were entirely in monochrome, being vector shapes and not raster figures. I started adding a color, then another, then a gradient, then an outline, then removing it; I continued smoothing above, then below, then a touch of color on one side and an enlargement on the other; finally adding new colors and new contours .... in short, a big job.

005harvest logo double color.jpg

One of the results I got is what you find as the cover of the post, the color version of the full logo. I have to admit that the biggest flaw is the legibility of the logo, but overall I am satisfied with the result.


If you want more info on the Digitall project, you can search here on hive under the #digitall tag, or visit the various pages under construction. Between all:

Digitall Life on Publish0x
Digitall Project on Medium

An official Facebook page and an Instagram page are currently under construction.

Presentazione DIGITALL.jpg

That's all for now.

Greetings from me and Digitall!






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