Our Hive Introduction <3

Hello everyone!

As the text on the profile says, we are just two travelers, a girl and a boy, stuck somewhere in Europe.

Stuck, because we feel that all our liberties and rights have been striped away by the political and economical decisions that the most powerful governments took, driven by who knows what and whom. Officially all well hidden under the "Covid threat"

We've been searching for a platform to share our thoughts, observations and points of view and think Hive is a proper one.

As we intend to touch sensitive matter as culture, languages, politics, economics, sex, religion, races, etc. we prefer to stay anonymous for the time being, as long as this is even possible in the era of Internet when everything is so connected and public. So please don't ask us where we live, when and where we were born, how old are we, how do we look, etc. By the way, we look great! 🤣

Let's just tell you we both have Master degrees, we are decent speakers in English, German, French, Italian, Bulgarian and Russian and have basic knowledge of few other languages. We traveled in the most of the European countries and lived in few of them. We think we are persons with wide range of interests and hobbies.

We will be sharing only our personal points of view, positive or negative. They could and will be controversial at some point.

We hope the big and colorful Hive community will support our endeavor!

We started here by buying and powering up a small but symbolic amount of HIVE - 77.7 😀

This isn't a strictly commercial project of us - our intention is all our posts to be created as 100% power ups and we will search for and support in return content here, that we find good.

Hope that all this makes sense!

All the best to you!

We are posing our intro post in the GEMS community, @hive-148441, as it seems the most popular, thank you!


Image by Please Don't sell My Artwork AS IS from Pixabay

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