The Child Within Us

The Child Within Us

There is a constant child lingering inside of you. When people are born, it's remarkable that their instincts lean towards being loved, joyful and kind. Those feelings never fade, it's in your core and you feel them even more when you are around children because they help you remember.

The Adventure Begins Immediately

Every new place is an unexplored adventure. New things you have never seen to enhance your imagination from the start. The way you imagine develops transforms how you think. If a child sat in a dark room their entire childhood, what kind of imagination would they have?

It's important to give children experiences, let them feel what life is all about. Let them share experiences with their friends and learn from them as well. A single conversation can teach you more than 1,000 books.

The same goes for experiences because you can read all about pain and not know what it is until you feel it. Both good and bad feelings teach important lessons to children, life is all about finding balance.


Love is the foundation of children, they love and trust their parents unconditionally. As a parent, it's an amazing feeling to have this type of love and trust. Sometimes it's hard too, because you want to absorb every bad moment you can. Your mission is to give your children good memories, better ones than you had but also ones you remember.

Children teach you important lessons, but most importantly you learn that you're still a child at heart. Their smiles are your smiles.

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