I Am Alive challenge-1 My first contribution for this wonderful initiative..

Hello friends, how are you? All I hope you are good. I am your friend cruise and this is my I am alive challenge video for 3speak community.As you all know, this time has become one of the most dangerous situation in front of us, and we should make every effort to avoid it, which is not easy but we can avoid it by constantly trying.
And the situation is getting worse. Although we have a very good recovery rate, which we can take a little relief, but we should make every effort to avoid it.Even today, new cases have been found in which the number is 30 and the total number of active cases has been 183.Today, about 2 days ago, I heard about a factory in which 60 people will be found to be infected and further investigation is going on and it may be that some new cases are being received in the future.Today a news has been heard in which Russia has made its vaccine. But I do not know much about it. If that happens, it would be very good news.So many people have come under the grip of this virus and the situation is getting worse. I and my family constantly share how to escape and am trying unmatched to protect myself. I always ware Mask. I always drink hot water. And I always follow social distancing.And I hope you guys are also following all these rules, to avoid this virus. Special thanks to #threespeak community.

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