Earth and it's tribulations


The theatre and movie industries have made us believe that they are a series of possibilities that can happen, and are even happening that aren’t aware of, after watching the movie DOCTOR STRANGE” in the multiverse of madness”I keep thinking and asking myself if they are another universe, a multiverse that is free to do whatever we want, and whenever we want, a multiverse, that one is happy and everything is in place for you; love ones, children, peace of mind, wealth, time and the rest, a place that you are not concerned if time is going or not, where you are not rush into doing something because they are no time, where everything is at your reach, would you trade it for the earth?

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Earth where time is relative, the one factor that doesn’t care if you are trying or not, where sometimes after giving your best to someone they may still not appreciate it, where sometimes your skill and your talent are not appreciated simply because you are not in the right environment and you are not stable enough to sponsor it, where your value is simply by the name you bear, a universe where life will separate you from your love ones and demand your all, where it not all about sunshine and rainbow, where life will fight you, and bring you to your needs and leaves you there if you allowed it.

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Earth is not perfect, and humans aren’t perfect either, There is no such thing as a perfect life, there are only people trying to live a perfect life, as long as we are humans and bun in flesh, we still ought to make mistakes, they are things we see as perfect, but when we draw nearer it an illusion of a mirage, just like the fig tree in the bible, it is fresh and shining from afar all green only for Jesus to draw nearer, they were no fruit. So even if they are other multi-verse where it has the best version of me, where everything is within my reach, I will still choose this one even with its tribulations.



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