The main thing is not to forget where the sports stadium is. July 2021

Why do we think about useful and necessary things only when we get old?

Today is a day off, and I decided to go to the stadium, I’ll say right away that I didn’t succeed right away, I had to practically drag myself there, because I had to struggle with laziness. And I also said this softly and honestly. And now I am wondering why, in my younger years, I didn’t think about what is useful and necessary? I just lived, met girls, walked all night in noisy companies and did not set any tasks for myself. I just lived with confidence. It seems to me that these are the features of our life, only as we become wiser and older, we begin to understand the main thing, we need to do what makes us stronger and preserves our health. Of course, I can be wrong, but looking at my life, it seems to me that somewhere I am right.

I haven't been here for so long that I had to get used to this stadium again.

I was also lucky that there were many young people at the stadium who played football. This somehow inspired me to my desire to work out on a sports simulator. And I did it, and it was great. Exercise practically lifted my spiritual mood and my physical condition. It's hard to say what I would do if the stadium was empty, it's certainly my joke. In a word, the sports passion of other people almost always gives positive results.
This stadium belonged to a local school and was in complete disrepair. People just walked their dogs and the area looked like a horror movie. Many thanks to the local authorities, they invested a lot of money in this project, and a year later this stadium began to accept everyone who wants to go in for sports. It should be noted that this is free. There are changing rooms, showers, rooms for storing equipment, a toilet and, of course, there is a doctor's office. I am sure that the local authorities did their best here. Many thanks to them for that. Yes, today I did pretty cool, I am not even ashamed to praise myself. I went in for sports and saw normal people who purposefully respect and support a healthy lifestyle. Cool guys.









Please pay attention to the beautiful Ukrainian sky, it looks really impressive. I didn't even think that beautiful white clouds would get into the frame. In a word, blue skies and white clouds and a beautiful stadium make this post special. Well, I'll brag a little, I think it's not a very big attack.











And of course I will now show you a sports simulator on which I like to play sports. He is at the end of the stadium and people don't see me trying to be an athlete. But, please note, I'm trying to be an athlete!




You see almost deserted streets, it must be taken into account that today is Sunday. The heat is +30, this is certainly not a very pleasant temperature for walking. But, as I already told you, I try to load myself with physical exercises every day in the form of walking. I think it's cool, maybe by the fall my belly will be smaller. With this, I want to wish everyone a great evening and good health. And I also want to wish everyone, this is a moderate hunt for cryptocurrency, I mean this should be done without fanaticism and damage to health. In one word, do not lose your mind, remain people who are able to see the beauty around you. Leaving a small comment you will make me very pleased, I need your support friends. Many thanks to everyone, especially those who reply to comments. I love you all. See you.

Photographed Samsung Galaxy A51 🙏 🙏 🙏

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