Quiet and hot July day. 2021

There are questions to which there are many answers and they are all correct.

How do we overcome the hustle and bustle of the city and hot weather, and how do we simply survive in difficult times for us? These questions always concern humanity at any time of the year and in any place of residence, even far in the countryside. There can be many answers, the main thing is that they help you and make your life better, and as I have replaced over the years for each person, this recommendation can be individual and special. But the main reason why we give up is the loss of involvement, a person loses interest in some business, in his favorite hobby, this list can be enumerated to the end, the only way out and the main one is to find for yourself what will make you live by it. It should be a good and useful business or hobby that will become your friend every day. My solution is many hours of walking on rough terrain, and usually in any weather. What I am now writing about is not a guide to action, these are my thoughts out loud. This is read only and is optional. I had difficult times in my life, and it helped me. Therefore, I will think out loud, maybe someone will become happier or just his daily life will doom interest.

If you want to be alone with nature, then be.

I was always annoyed by large crowds of citizens and massive traffic jams with sirens and squealing brakes. I found solutions, I chose a route for myself, that is, I became a logistician. This route goes as far as possible from large crowds of people and transport, and over the years this route only got better, something was added, something was excluded. The planned route was perfect, it took years, but it was worth it. Food on the road or water all depends on your body, in the summer there must be a flask of water and just in case I take Validol with me. If it is not useful to me, then there may be a person nearby who will need this not very strong heart medicine. In short, on the road, something "spare" is never superfluous. Of course, walking is what I like, but for you it can be work on the Internet, for example blogging. But, there is something that will brighten up your hobby, that after 1-2 hours of work on the computer, do physical exercises in 2-3 approaches for 10 minutes. This will help you to be resilient and not get tired in front of your computer monitor.

When +35. The scorching sun is all around.

If there are no urgent matters, then it is better to sit at home this time. If you do decide to go outside, then your clothes should be lightweight and absorb sweat well. And of course a flask of water. And in my opinion, the most important thing is to choose a route where there are tall buildings or large trees, you need shade. If this is not abundant, then choose a shady place for a small rest, and drink water. A short rest in the shade and with a slight breeze will save you from the sun's rays and excessive heat.
Now we can list what we need to be in good shape.

  1. Passion for something useful.

  2. Physical activity in the form of daily exercise.

  3. Contact with nature and positive emotions.



Once again I want to remind you that everything that I have written here is my thoughts out loud. These are not recommendations for action. It's just that this is what helped me once to become better and healthier.

In the photo you see empty benches in a summer restaurant and beautiful flowers. Let someone be there in your life. I wish you good mood, good health, and a lot of positive emotions. Thank you so much for your interest in my publication and your support. Any comment is appreciated, by subscribing to my account you gain your reader and well-mannered Hive blockchain user and friendly person. See you.

Photographed Samsung Galaxy A51 🙏 🙏 🙏

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