Positive thoughts and beautiful nature in my photographs. September 2021

We have a great opportunity to communicate without censorship and at the same time earn some money or cryptocurrency, I do not know how to write this correctly, but the main thing for me is the opportunity to see talented people here, and, if possible, learn from these people to be interesting and literate. The Hive blockchain also has a big plus, this is a virtual trip, because there are many people from different countries, in a word, I personally really like my blog on the Hive blockchain. Naturally, we are all different here and the ability to find a common language for communication and understanding is proof of our culture and our attitude to life in general. Personally, I will try to keep my emotions and mood under control, so that my publications are saturated with positive, and my subscribers find here comfort and a cozy attitude towards themselves. We live in a very difficult time, I mean an avalanche of negative information in the press, and in the world in general. Therefore, at least here, on the blockchain, I want to see something beautiful and calm, so that my photos usually reflect beautiful nature and an interesting cityscape. To be precise and objective, I will say frankly, let's be people and learn to respect each other, regardless of the content of the wallet and position in society. Everything is so simple and logical.

My photographs are my outlook on life and my desire to be better.

I like to find beautiful moments and unusual places for photography, I practically cannot calmly walk around the city, I pay attention to small details in the architecture of my city and began to better notice all the beauty of nature in which I grew up and became an adult. In a word, my blog has changed my attitude towards everything that surrounds me, and I feel pleasure when I can show you all the beauty and originality of my hometown.
I'll first show you the evening photos I took on my way home from work. It seems to me that my city looks much better in the evening than during the day. Although I may be wrong.

I am interested in your opinion and your reaction to the Ukrainian nature and the architectural landscape of my city.










Now we will look at the photos that I took in the daytime, they are also beautiful in their own way.

The city where I was born and raised. Where there is a lot of interesting history.








I am finishing the walk and my wishes for you.

I want to say thank you very much to everyone for watching my blog and your attention and support. I am always interested to know your opinion on my publications, so if you have the opportunity, please leave a small comment. My evening city after the rain, you will probably like it. I've been on the blockchain since 2018, my lost account @yuriy4, you can say I'm not a newbie. But, gentlemen "Whales" have never commented on me, this is probably an honor that does not fall on all blockchain users. Maybe there is a brave "whale" here and will write two words to please an elderly person. I wish everyone good health and excellent mood. I love you all. See you.

Photographed Samsung Galaxy A51 🙏


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