On the way to work, I took a random photo. August 2021

It so happened that sometimes I set myself tasks that I try to fulfill exactly, and only then I begin to understand that many of the details of these tasks are not entirely suitable for me to solve some issues. But, as they say, what's done is done. The main thing is that expensive time is wasted, and I can still make such mistakes. In short, I don't always learn from my mistakes. But, I try to work on myself and I think my hard work will benefit me and I will learn to plan something correctly and set myself tasks. I had cases when I went to the other end of the city to take a couple of photos, it seemed to me that it would be a hit, I was 100% sure of this. But when I was driving home, I noticed a different perspective of the places where I live, and completely different perspectives and priorities opened up before me. I understood the main thing, you need to look for beauty everywhere, even very close, it is important to find a place and time to photograph this beauty and leave it in memory. That is, leaving the house, but at a different time, you can go the other way to see an unusual urban landscape or some natural phenomenon in a different color format.

The main thing is striving for light and kind people.

Knowing my hot temper and mild depression, I try to be among kind and sympathetic people. Only this helps me to be a reasonable and kind person. I am used to keeping a burst of energy in myself, often friends do not even notice my irascible disposition, I try not to injure people with my depression and just a bad mood. My friends and just good acquaintances are my inspiring emotional medicine. If there is a smart person or a group of smart people next to me, this gives me the opportunity to learn something and take some kind of separate positive example for my life and my behavior. Therefore, I always accept invitations and go hunting, fishing or just for a walk. Although I am not a hunter, and I have no desire to shoot live. By the way, I can shoot and I love to do it, I have had such a hobby since my military service. In short, for the sake of interesting people I can go to the other end of the country, and many of my friends appreciate it. When hunting, I just light a fire or cook food.

My favorite urban landscape.








These are my original photographs, I especially like landscape photography, you see a motorcycle of my friend, with whom he is day and night, and my beloved bridge. By the way, this bridge gives an excellent opportunity to see the entire water area of ​​the Dnieper from the side of my city. It is very convenient and beautiful. If you want, then please leave a small comment, lately I have been pampered with small comments. So whoever decides to do it will be a cool dude. I am not offended by anyone because of this. I am a person who usually responds to criticism, and I admit that someone may not like my content. I can't get you to like my posts, I can try to be a good blogger.

I am finishing my short post and wish you all the best, including good health. Thank you for taking the time to look at my post. I love you all. See you.

Photographed Samsung Galaxy A51 πŸ™

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