My thoughts on blockchain Hive on a summer evening. August 2021

It's already been a month since I'm on the Hive blockchain, this is my new account and I'm starting from scratch. My old account @yuriy4, which I sometimes remember and yearn for. I am very pleased that with the new account I met very kind and competent users here, I will not list the names of these people yet, but I want to say that these people surrounded me with friendship and gave me a great boost of optimism, and suggested a lot of useful information that helps me in creating my content. Time will pass and I will have the courage to voice the names of these people. In a word, new users of the Hive blockchain have come into my life with a new account, and I am very grateful to these people and this opportunity. Today I publish photos of my city, which I took while walking in the evening, these photos can be called random because I did not plan to take pictures, but when the sun began to hide behind the clouds, I saw several beautiful angles for myself and could not resist taking these pictures.

Photography as an element of good mood and optimism.

I noticed that I began to react to the quality of my photographs, I want to say that when I manage to take a picture of the desired object with the proper quality, then I feel elated, and I like this feeling. Now I began to understand that my walks in the fresh air are closely related to my passion for photography and this connection is becoming stronger. In a word, my two hobbies work without interfering with each other, and sometimes even help each other. My walks have become more meaningful and rewarding. I would like to note that photography taught me to notice details that I did not notice before when I looked at nature or an architectural landscape. If you have a desire, then in the comments you can also tell about your relationship to photography and walking in the fresh air, maybe you can tell me something useful that will be useful for me to work on the Hive blockchain. The exchange of useful information always has a positive effect on the intellectual development of a person.

Do I need comments on my publications?

I can say with confidence that I really need your comments, they give me optimism and give me strength to create my own content. Personally, I try to be very objective and useful to comment on other users in order to show a person his strength and his capabilities. So that this person likes my words and my attitude towards his publications. I am very pleased to do good deeds, if a person deserves it, I think that silence in this case is inappropriate and criminal. It hurts me a lot when I make a comment from the bottom of my heart, and a person just ignores my comment, I understand that he is not obliged to answer me, but it still hurts me. Perhaps after a while all this will go away when I become a more experienced user of the site, or maybe not. In any case, I personally will comment on other people, regardless of their attitude to my comments.

What do new Hive blockchain users need to remember?

This is my independent opinion, but I want to voice it.

As in our daily life, different people meet here on the blockchain. Basically, these are kind and competent people, but if you find something not very kind here somewhere, then my advice to you, friends, do not pay your precious attention to it and continue your work. The main thing here is your work, set goals for yourself and try to keep the content interesting and colorful. This advice is optional, it is advice so that you always have confidence in yourself. So that you are not distracted by emptiness and lack of culture. Personally, I am very pleased that the bulk of users are quite adequate and responsive people.

Let's see my photos.

My original photos taken for you.












Taking this opportunity, I want to say a huge thank you to those people who met me in the first weeks of my communication on the Hive blockchain, I mean with a new account. And of course, thanks to everyone who took the time to view my blog. I wish everyone a good and successful week, good health and all the very best. I love you all. See you.

Photographed Samsung Galaxy A51 🙏 🙏 🙏

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