My hike through the city on an August afternoon. 2021

As I said, my publications are only geared towards optimism and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. It seems to me that we already receive a lot of information, which sometimes scares us or creates unwanted psychological disorders for us. I mean the mass media, which spread negative energy with the same tenacity in any country. Perhaps this is normal, but in my publications I want to emphasize beauty and good mood. Personally, when I watch my news feed on the Hive blockchain, I try to focus my attention on invigorating and vital content, and thank God the site has a lot of useful information. The main thing is that there is a desire to find such content and read it. I will also try not to mention any names, but only extensive and useful information about nature and sports. I also will not discuss and raise the rating of the Hive blockchain, I think that I have no right to do so, I have too little experience on the site. In short, I want to be an interesting and positive user who will be able to find his audience here.

To rethink the old and live in a new way.

As I already said to me over 45 years old, and it seems to me at this age it is already difficult to change something in your character or change your habits. But 10 years ago I decided to reconsider my attitude to modern life, it was not easy, but I decided to do so. Thank God we do not live in a forest and have access to the Internet, and this gives an excellent opportunity to find interesting and useful information that may be extremely necessary in this matter. In short, my interest was tied to walking and our daily diet, this information really turned my idea of ​​a healthy lifestyle. Today I walk a lot and do not eat fried food, this is a small victory and pride for me. This is a little of what I learned to do, but the main thing is that I made a start to another life. In this post I will show you some nice city landscape photos and some Ukrainian nature. Perhaps these photos will seem interesting to you.
What's most interesting is that I've already started to get used to the fact that my content is not commented in the way I would like. It turns out in this life you can get used to such, say, not simple things. I'm just trying to learn how to correctly express my thoughts through writing, the rest is not important to me yet.

My original photos are for you my friends.


















Now I'm going to work, the weather is sunny and not hot, the temperature is +13. It's a beautiful morning when there are no scorching rays of the sun.

With this, let me finish my small post and wish you all a great mood and good health. In the next post I will try to show you more interesting photos, it will depend on my work schedule and weather. Try not to take temporary difficulties to your heart, I am sure that everything will be fine and the world community will return to positive and sane thinking. I love you all. See you.

Photographed Samsung Galaxy A51 🙏

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