My attitude to work and a few thoughts about life in general. September 2021

On Friday morning I go to work and I am in a great mood, because I have a place and an opportunity to work. My former project manager with whom I worked for many years remembered my humble candidacy and invited me to his office for further work. I take this proposal very seriously, since I am already over 45 years old, and at my age it is difficult to find a decent job. In Ukraine, this is a normal phenomenon when you want to work and you have a lot of work experience, but you are left without any reliability to find an employer who can hire you. I don’t know, maybe it’s so everywhere now in our not easy time, but in my country it’s exactly as I said. Therefore, you need to conscientiously treat your work, if you have already found a job, to sort out problems and be capricious in this case is not worth it.

Optimism and faith in tomorrow.

I consider myself an optimist, that is, a person who has faith in tomorrow. But I want to admit to you that I was not always such a person, there was a time when I was worried and depressed over trifles and this made my life difficult. Naturally, it could not last for so long, and I had to make a choice. Or live a full life with a good mood, or suffer from depression and be unsure of yourself. I chose the first one, and for a start I started to pay a lot of attention to hiking, and in addition to this, I of course stopped drinking natural black coffee. This I can tell you right away was not easy enough, but I tried to go through it to the end. Now, after my long walks, I can have a cup of black tea or coffee with milk, and this has significantly relieved my mental stress. In short, without excess caffeine and with enough pure oxygen in the air, I began to feel like a complete person. This is my little victory, which I am humbly proud of.

Passion for photography and beautiful landscapes.

If you have a favorite activity that gives you joy and optimism, then you can safely call yourself a happy person. I love taking pictures while I do it on my mobile phone, but I dream of making money and buying myself a decent camera, but even now I am happy that I have learned to see the beauty around me. It gives me a special sense of satisfaction, because I take photographs in which I see beauty, and this beauty remains in my photographs forever. You can also write in the comments about your attitude to a healthy lifestyle and your hobbies, this will allow us today to discuss our tastes and views with you, this communication will help us get away from the world of stressful chaos.

My original photos are for you my friends.

Sunny September day.




I also have a couple of photos of the night city in which I live.

It seems to me that it is cozy and quiet here, like in a fairy tale. Beautiful street illumination lights.




This concludes my publication.

I would like to wish all Hive blockchain users a good weekend and good health. Many thanks to everyone who took the time and patience to watch my content. Write comments if you have the desire and opportunity. I love you all. See you.

Photographed Samsung Galaxy A51 🙏


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