Cityscape on an August evening. 2021

I like that my city is being built and it becomes bigger and cleaner when new and modern housing complexes and other communal infrastructure objects appear. This speaks only of one thing that the country is integrating to European standards. The time of the same type and patterned buildings has passed, the design idea is flourishing. Even small retail outlets made of modern building materials have significantly adorned the local landscape.




I also want to note that the architects took into account all the features of this area, the Rusanovsky Canal only decorated new buildings in this area. In a word, during the walk I had something to photograph, the August sun with its rays made the city fabulously beautiful and attractive.








My area where I now live began to be built up in the 60s of the last century, a lot of time has passed since then, Ukraine has become an independent state since 1991. Therefore, you can understand my joy and my feelings when I see something new and modern in my city or country. Good news, the temperature outside has changed, today it was +26. It's really cool, you can move around the city normally and not be afraid of "sun or heatstroke". It is especially pleasant to see how elderly people began to walk along the streets of the city. This year the record was +35, it is difficult to imagine how people live in countries where the air temperature is higher than +45. This is probably really difficult and dangerous.

Let's summarize what I wrote about.

You can say a lot of good things about your country, but there are facts and figures that can suggest a real positive picture of improvements in my country. These improvements delight every sane person in my country.
With this, let me finish my publication. If you find a little time, then please leave a comment, I need it for a better understanding of your tastes and your preferences. So that in the next publication, I can give you more better information and high-quality photos. In short, I don't want to feel like a lonely blogger here. I am here to give you maximum positive and quality information.

Politeness and attention above all.

I always try to respond to your comments, this is very important to me. I consider myself a well-mannered person, and this obliges me to be a responsive and attentive person. I will not talk about other people, everyone has the right to do what he sees fit.
Thanks a lot for watching my post. I love you. See you.

Photographed Samsung Galaxy A51 🙏 🙏 🙏

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