River Landscape Painting Lesson With Acrylic

img_0.15777629991397787Hello Hiver friends, How are you doing? I wish you are well today. Welcome to my art blog. I decided to paint today with acrylic medium. This painting was inspired by Bob Ross, his really good in painting nature. His using the method of wet on wet in oil painting

In this post I will demonstrate the step by step process, I will teach you how to paint sky, distance trees, bushes and river.

Materials Needed:
šŸ‘‰ Watercolor Paper or sketching Paper
šŸ‘‰ Pencil and eraser
šŸ‘‰ Ruler
šŸ‘‰ Clean Water
šŸ‘‰ Rag
šŸ‘‰ Paper napkin

Acrylic Paint:img_0.7272358556874929
šŸ‘‰ Titanium White
šŸ‘‰ Grass Green
šŸ‘‰ Ultramarine Blue
šŸ‘‰ Brilliant Red
šŸ‘‰ Yellow Ocher
šŸ‘‰ Burnt Sienna
šŸ‘‰ Mers Black
šŸ‘‰ Lemon Yellow

šŸ‘‰ Flat Brush /small #10, 10/32 / 8.0mm
šŸ‘‰ Liner Brush #2 / 2/32" / 1.6mm
šŸ‘‰ Round Brush #8 / 5/32" / 4.0mm
šŸ‘‰ Filbert brush

Painting Process:img_0.32851169234222183Start to paint the sky with blue and white and blend them together, you can use the flat brush for this part. With just a nice color of white paint a sun using round brush.

img_0.2783070443565802Paint the distance trees with flat brush or fan brush. Just mix the blue, black and white.


img_0.1285234952418579You can paint the bushes, leaves of the trees using filbert brush. The color I used here are grass green, yellow, brilliant red, yellow ochre and white.

img_0.11865806493304513Creating the river just mix the blue and white using the flat brush. Add light and shaddow on the water. I put some rocks in this painting. Basically I used brown and black with the highlight of white mix with some yellow ochre. I used round brush in creating the rocks.

img_0.5808987280195705Painting the big tree, you can use burnt sienna and small amount of black. For the highlight you can use white mix with yellow ochre. For adding extra detail basically I use liner brush, this brush is good in painting tree limbs, grass, twigs and detail lines.

img_0.643050233224315This is the finish art painting of river landscape.

That's all for today, I hope you like this post and thank you for stopping by! Have a great day! Happy Painting!šŸ˜€

God Bless!


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