Autumn Lake landscape Painting

Hello Hiver friends, Welcome to my art blog! I created today an autumn painting with acrylic. Autumn is definitely one of the best season, leaves from the trees are changing into a vibrant colors. this season is perfect to enjoy beautiful nature and taking beautiful photos.

I used four different brushes to finish this painting, one is the flat brush, filbert brush, round brush and liner brush. In the other hand, the acrylic medium that I used are, ultramarine blue, titanium white, black, lemon yellow, yellow ochre, grass green and brilliant red.

Process: Make an sketch.

Blend the white and blue, then paint the background.

I used grass green with black to paint the first layer of the trees. then I used yellow and white for the highlight.

Color black for the big trees with the highlight of titanium white. The foreground of the trees, I mixed the red, black and yellow ochre.

For the leaves I used yellow, brilliant red and white.

I put reflection on the water and the falling leaves, Indication of the fall season.

Finish painting!

That's all for today, I hope you like this post and thank you for stopping by! Happy painting and have a great day!😀

God bless!

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