Hello everyone, friends again there is a post describing what I did with buğün. Now it is classic and I drink a simple Turkish coffee after each breakfast. It is said that when you drink Turkish coffee when you wake up in the morning, it has weight loss effects.


If you have any of you who have tried, it would be better if you write in the comment. Around noon, I started boiling parsley to relieve edema. And I put fresh mint in it to add aroma, I boil them in cold water. then I drink his juice.


I do it for 3 to 4 cups. If you want, you can put it in cinnamon sticks. nowadays i'm sticking it on my wood, and the green parsley i'm safe on. There is no one who does not know parsley, it is known with edema. I want to drink it.


I bought a roll yesterday for my cats. When there are two cats at home, our chairs and clothes inevitably become feathers. I was sick of holding electric vacuum cleaners. and this roll made my job easier. It does not leave feathers when you rub it and it can easily get it.


and I bought it from the wash roll. When I collect the hair thoroughly, I keep it in hot water. cleaning up. A product that you can wash and use. I am glad for you now. lasts for a maximum of one more month.



Of course, it is better than taking a supurge every day. If you look at the comfort of them, they have embraced my house well their enjoyment is fine. They understand well.


Of course, two cats have difficulties, but of course they have beautiful sides. And time to read some books, friends. I am sure to make a coffee with you. I just started this book, it is really nice and I am thinking of reading all of this author's books.


Next to an evening classic, Nescafe is of course sugar free. Next to my chocolate napkin, two of them are going beautiful. no good chocolate. this is my daily routine life. Of course, we came across the weekend, of course, we are at home. see you in the next post

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