Hello everyone from a Sunday, how are everybody, if you ask us, we are very good too. Since today is my wife's day off, we said let's have a little stroll. I'm very bored because friends.


How many days I have been at home, we closed down. Weather was very bad here for a week. We said to our chance to have a sunny weather today. This is a place in Izmir, but it takes 20 minutes by motor. quiet and beautiful place.


reasonable prices. but as we learned it is closed today. Because it is connected to Izmir, it is said that the weekend is forbidden. of you. we just came to eat. There was a waffle. we wanted a cheese pancake.


The buttermilk is very beautiful, by the way. its presentation is already beautiful. tastes also delicious. but the interest is zero. hygiene is zero. We arrived, although there was nobody around, there were still scraps of plates in the two places to sit. not collected.


We went to another table. it remained untouched on the table. You saw that we passed, come and clean the table. but he wiped the buttermilk when he asked if he could wipe it. These things need to be paid more attention especially in the time of water virus.


That's why I don't want to go any further. they don't show much. the place is nice but I can't say anything else. So if your path drops, I think come to him. It would be better if we took a coffee icip.


We regret coming. While I was there, I took a few photos so I could show you what a place it is. The place is very nice. peaceful quiet calm. place to rest the head. nice in the songs that play. but they let themselves go.

interest is not very important, but it is a shame that he did not clear the table. nice to watch the buttermilk. I ate chicken shish when I came once more. It was nice, but don't expect much satisfaction.


But there was no menu except for him. manti, menemen observation counted for us for now. Because it was closed, they could give these to customers who did not know. There is a place like this beside it. it's a completely closed place. I could not pull there, sit down because I did not enter. If you are places to come in winter. There is a wood stove inside. It's beautiful inside, really. One of our winter destinations. We definitely come for a coffee or a beer. I advise. See you for now.

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