hello everyone, friends. Today I wanted to introduce you to my make-up materials that I use fondly.
First, there are 4 headlights.
I just bought my headlight downstairs from the left because the colors are exactly as I wanted. it looks very natural. ideal for those who love light makeup. top right is golden rosenin. its permanence is very good. nice ride very pleased. The other two headlights are good for me.


my next products are bb cream. one of them garni. According to my good face, which is garnier. compatible with my skin color. It doesn't have much coverage, I don't want it to be that way anyway. I am using it for now. The other is that there is a click more coverage, I prefer both of them light tones. but i prefer garnieri than other bb creme. I started using it for the last few months already. the other product whitens my face beautifully. I'm rubbing around my eyes. lightens my skin color. I feed it all over my face. I'm using them for that. but I can switch to other bb creams as soon as possible.

my next products are mascaras. At first, I was happy with flormar, but I started to dislike the last brush. other. I had bought it before in the second masquerade. good room. I use the 3rd mascara mostly for lower lashes. It is comfortable while applying thin and separates the lashes without smearing and the blackness is better. just bought pastelin mascara. to try. Well I got it. It is very good that it removes the separation even though I do not have many lashes. I am very pleased. I'll get it over again. I bought it when it was 40 TL on sale. I actually want to use the mascara of the maybelline. If it runs out to try, maybe I'll buy it. I make a comparison. I will continue to use whichever is better.

I have lipsticks next. I am using them now, of course, I do not wear them anymore because of the mask. I drive sometimes. I use them all fondly. but maybelline purple lipstick is a very permanent and matte lipstick. Doesn't come off without makeup remover. I do not like this kind of lipsticks, I would not have bought it if I knew, but the color is very beautiful. Although I take a break from lipsticks these days, I normally do not go out without applying lipstick and mascara. I love pink lipstick. It fits my skin color and looks good. 3rd place flormarine lipstick color looks good on my face. I am glad.


looking wallet. You can also put it in your bag when you go somewhere. lipstick blush as you can see in it. there are headlights. good in colors. glad I use it sometimes. but I don't like your lipsticks. the headlights are fine again. I bought it because I saw it very suitable. to be found. There is already in his mirror. That's why it came in handy to me.


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