Hello everyone, my friends today, my menu is green beans.
☆How to make green beans with olive oil?
If you are wondering, I have a delicious recipe for you. You should definitely try the delicious and practical green bean recipe that is preferred in the summer months.


A light and healthy recipe that attracts the most attention among olive oil recipes, both at tea and iftar menus, at dinner tables. After trying our recipe, you will not regret it, even green beans with olive oil will often be on your table :) Enjoy your meal already,


▪︎Ingredients for Green Bean Recipe with Olive Oil

•1 tea glass of olive oil

•2 onions

•500g green beans

•3 tomatoes


Preparation of:


Half a tea glass of olive oil is taken into the pot.
2,2 medium size onions are chopped and added to the oil and lightly roasted. 3. Take the cleaned and chopped 500 g beans into a pot.
You can cut the beans as you wish and cook them as a whole.


Cover the pan and fry for 6-7 minutes,
Adding 6.3 peeled and chopped tomatoes and 1 glass of water


The lid of the pot is closed and left to cook.
When the beans soften and reach the desired consistency, salt is added and half a tea glass of olive oil is drunk.


Our olive oil beans are put on the serving plate and left to cool.
It is served cold.
Bon appetit now.


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