Trick or Treat: A fond memory of Halloween.


Photo by Daisy Anderson from Pexels

@hivebuzz you have a wicked sense of humor and that's perfect for Halloween. You've been keeping track of my progress along with everyone else since I arrived and I noticed your recent comment.

You want my scariest Halloween story and I'll oblige. I have several but I'll stick to this one.

I was trick or treating with a group of friends. I was usually some form of vampire, the classic type with a widow's peak, cape and fake plastic teeth. A little fake blood on the corner of the mouth that always crusted over and tasted terrible. Those teeth were designed by the devil I'm sure, they cut up my gums something awful and I could barely speak. Maybe that was the goal in the end.

We all had our pillow cases as any smart kid knows. None of those little jack-o-lantern plastic junk that you could fill up in 20 minutes. I did once bring a garbage bag out but that was pushing it I think haha.

We're having a ball as usual, once in awhile we'd arrive at a house handing out fruit. Huge red flag, not only because of the razor blade scare but who wants fruit on Halloween? We'd toss those out or somebody would yell "FRUIT HOUSE". Halloween must be a holiday invented by dentists even though they tell us kids not to eat too much candy. You know they secretly love it!


Photo by Mike Jones from Pexels

Enough backstory already.

We all arrive at a dimly lit house. Instead of a carved pumpkin greeting you at the porch there was nothing. Pitch black and silent. Strange we think, maybe these ones aren't doing Halloween?

Upon a closer look we notice there's a pumpkin near the garage. A long driveway presents itself and the lure of its glow is attractive. MORE CANDY we all think. We start to make our way down the driveway and everything seems fine. BAM, the garage doors open, we see smoke, a chainsaw revs and something emerges.

A madman in a blood stained butcher coat emerges, full chainsaw revving above his head. I barely saw it's face but it wasn't a human one. This maniac chased us down the driveway and out into the street.

I did look back and saw him waving the real life chainsaw and knew what it was. Only years later did I realize the homage to Leatherface from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Here's the visual from the movie and I never knew it was called "The Chainsaw Dance". How appropriate.

Bravo to this individual. You have seared an unforgettable Halloween memory into my brain for the rest of time. I know this must be the case with those with me too.

I honestly do not think this entity was ever handing out candy. Trick was his specialty and he knew how to scare the hell out of us. We all screamed like we were being murdered as we ran for our lives.

Thank goodness for people like this, they made a huge impression especially on me and I love to play tricks around this time. I have a feeling many won't go to those these extremes anymore for obvious reasons but this is a great memory of mine.

I wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween. Trick or Treat everyone. Mwahahaha

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