Translation in film

I recently watched La Vie En Rose (2007), a French film based on the life of the French singer Édith Piaf. I'm watching in the original language as anyone should with English subtitles.

I find the tone and context of the words interesting in their translations from French to English.

Dégager in French means leave, clear, free or release. I'm sure there are more depending on who you consult. When I hear the word I think of leave. Now in the film the main character yells this at her mother. The word is translated into English according to the subtitles as "Get the hell out of here!".

Anyone who watches a foreign film will have to deal with the following scenario. I wonder how much I'm missing out on tone and context. The same could be said about English to another language. I wonder what that experience is like?

For those worldly people or not so worldly, do you notice such things and can you remember any such weird translations. This whole topic makes make want to put English subtitles on English films and see if they match up or not.


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