Get your fiddleheads while you can

Fiddleheads are in season for that short amount of time. Steam them up and add a little butter and salt. I look forward to them every year, thank goodness they're seasonal or I'd be sick of them in no time.

The fiddlehead is what it sounds like. This vegetable is shaped like the head of a fiddle or violin for those cultured readers out there.

According to Wikipedia they should be steamed for 10-12 minutes (I do about 7-8 minutes) or boiled for 15 minutes. As with all vegetables I prefer steaming vs boiling. I was always taught at a young age to retain those valuable nutrients with steaming. I've never looked this fact up but this does sound right
in theory.

I can't tell if this image is appealing or not appealing. They're mighty tasty.


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