Be Easy - The Most Important Thing I've Learned

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I have discovered a lot this journey of personal growth, but the most important thing I’ve found is to be easy on myself.

Ambitions and desires can drive us to experience a state of heaven, while shame and lack can drive us to feel hell.

Right there in the middle is the balancing point of creating, doing, being, trying, and ultimately enjoying.

The more we push for outcomes and effects, the more we pull away the present and the causes.

The present state is our true home, and in this present moment we have all the power in the world, since there’s nothing else we need or nowhere else to go.

So if I could tell my past selves anything, it would be to go easy on myself.

Have your dreams and desires, but don’t push so hard that you create hell for yourself. Enjoy the heaven of creating and being and find yourself in another present moment when the energy has naturally shifted.

Creation without expectation is unconditional love. ✨

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Much love,
Bryan Divisions

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