Some Misconceptions about GEMS community


Its been more than a month now since inception of GEMS community. We are thrilled to see the postive feedback from users and glad to see it contributing towards Hive ecosystem as a whole.

In this short span of time, we have became the no. 1 community with highest count of Active Posters and Interactions than any other community. This is the only community which supports all kinds of languages and not restricted to English only.

There are many aspect of building any blockchain foundation and in our case they consists of stakeholders, developers, curators and authors. Some people might be focused on developing one thing and completely stagnant in other. Our main motive behind formation of this community was to recognize undervalued authors and posts. Its has only been a month and I am happy with current trending of GEMS community because we don't get to see same names on trending again and again. There are only few who care to highlight more unique and undervalued posts. I believe this is another one of our objective completed because rewards distribution is more diversified.

Credit: @divine-sound

Some major misconceptions are still lurking in community about GEMS and I would like to address them:

Do current supporters of GEMS only curate within community only?

The short is NO. I have witnessed with start of 2020 all the major curation initiatives were announcing to form their own community. With the announcment of GEMS community, we explicitly mentioned that our curation support will not remain restricted to one community only and infact we were the first one to support mutiple communities from the very start.

The major supporters of GEMS @appreciator, @rocky1 and @upmewhale regularly curate in other communities and at times we are supporting more outside the community.

I have been personally more focused on newcomers and there are only few initiatives who focus on new or undervalued authors leading to more user retention. I do regularly check recommendations by @theterminal and onboarded more than 15 users in collobaration with @rutablockchain.

Do you automatically get upvoted if you post in GEMS?

Definitely not, we manually curate all the posts and every post is upvoted after 5 minutes and sometimes after few hours. Its funny to see that some people still accuse us of curation snipping but irony is, I see them using delegated stake as trail vote to increase curation rewards on personal account. They just curation-snipe popular authors at 3 miutes and still call it curation.

There is no curation snipping happening at all even if we upvote outside the community(you can verify the stats for yourself on Beeme).

Are bid-bots still active on Hive?

There are no bid-bots on Hive. I don't know about others but I do know that @appreciator, @rocky1 and @upmewhale are not acting as bid-bots on Hive.

That's right, you can't put blame on bid-bots anymore but we should work together to build towards Hive blockchain.

Does every post get the support in GEMS?

No, some people are under false impression that if you post in GEMS then this is it. We manually curate each and every post, spam posts do not get any attention. There are few basic rules and if you follow them then there is a high chance that you might get supported but there is no 100% assurance for it.

Engagement Support

There is not much of traffic on Hive yet but this is just a start. Comments rewards significantly dropped after HF22. We will encourage users to engage more with others, so there is chance for your comment to get some support.

Its been one hell of a ride so far and I am sure you might be enjoying recent spike in price due to listing on Houbi and MXC. I want to congratulate you all on this wonderful development and we still have long way to go.

That is it for now, hoping to see you around more on Hive and I hope I have cleared up all of your major misconceptions.

Credit: @doze

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