Designing and finishing of an A shape lovely dress with puff sleeves.

Hello hiveians.


It's a great day and this morning, i will be showing you the finishing of the A shape gown I made.

After making the A shape gown, though initially it was to be an armless gown but after cutting out the bodice, I was left with much fabric which was enough to make a beautiful sleeve to the gown, si I thought of making a puff sleeve to give it a beautiful look.

All I did was just to cut out a straight sleeve of about 3times the round sleeve and pleated it on a band of the actual round sleeve plus seam allowance.

pictorial view of the sleeves

The sleeve


The sleeve band


Pleated sleeve to the band


After making the sleeves, it was attached to the gown


This just it,I hope you like it, have a great day.

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