Give away time giveaway alert 📢

Hello welcome it's giveaway time

You can buy giveaway time nft

You can buy giveaway time nft

It's an easy giveaway just comment and tag two friends

We are going to give away tokens to random commenters

The tokens & points we will be giving away BPC WEED SIM SPORTS ECENCY

Commenters will also get LUV PGM & PIZZA

Have fun, not too much LOL

If you would like more Tokens added let us know

Over and out

The art was Made with love using a mix of Ai art & art
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you can share your nfts in our new discord channel

I love creating art digital art and sharing it with the world any suggestions of what you would like to see me create next would be fantastic I hope you enjoy my art

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The Bilpcoin Bpc Story Part 1

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