New Season of OVERLORD


I used to be a huge fan of OVERLORD Anime but this new season is just not hitting the mark for me. I have followed the Anime throughout its 3 Seasons and in my opinion when Ainz Ool Gown killed Gazaf Stronof things spiraled towards a completely different theme than in the past 3 Seasons. Now it seems there is a hint of suspense in the Air all while Ainz Ool Gown prepares to control the entire world. The current Season feels like a LIMBO to me and I feel like the Season will pick up the pace at the last couple of episodes as there is a Tension of Betrayal in the Air which is just me speculating but I just feel like someone is going to betray Ainz Ool Gown among his Servants.

But until then the Season seems pretty boring to me and the only reason I am watching every single episode is that I don't want to miss any small details related to the betrayal. The other thing would also be the fact that this time around I don't have a lot of Anime that I am watching LIVE so yeah I might as well watch OVERLORD just to kill some time in my life.

PS: The above Image is a Screenshot from the actual Anime.


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