New Beginnings from the Rolling Green Hills of South Africa.

Hello Hiveans , this is Cheryl Wink from the Green Hills of Durban, KwaZulu Natal,South Africa.

Hive picture 2.jpg
Acrylic painting of lady by the dam.

My husband Peter, artist and sculptor and I, moved to the once peaceful small village called Waterfall, which over the years developed into quite a busy little town.

Our three daughters, all talented in their own way, have left the nest to their own nestlings, leaving us with empty nest syndrome.We now have three Labradors who keep us very busy indeed,
Between the grandchildren animals and art, life can become quite hectic in our household at times,but I would never want to change it at all.

Peter is a full time artist and sculptor, I, on the other hand do a bit of acrylic painting, I like cooking, gardening, homesteading, natural healing, eco living and writing as well as many others, too many to mention.

I did teach pottery for awhile a few years ago,after that, did nothing for a long time until, my dear friend @lizelle nagged me to get back into blogging,this is my first time on Hive. I used to be on the old platform Steemit for awhile, but my art distracted me as I was busy with classes and other life issues and never really got into blogging.

Would like to share some of my paintings

hive picture 3.jpg

Koi Sand people of the Sahara Desert in Africa.

hive picture 4.jpg

Acrylic painting of Fishing boat and fisherman in Cape West Coast South Africa

Hive pictures.jpg

Acrylic painting of boat on River.

I am grateful to @lizelle for introducing me to Hive . I am super excited to learn about the different communities which I will explore in the days to come.

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Thank you Hive for giving me the opportunity to share
a bit of my life with other Hiveans

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